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Thanks, Stephen. The access point info is particularly interesting because neither RDA in RDF, nor BIBFRAME, nor FRBR in RDF have *any* properties for authorized access points. All three do have something that is essentially "title of the work." With your reply it is now entirely unclear to me what information should be encoded as "title of the work" as well as whether there is any place for access points in these vocabularies.

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I can't speak for BIBFRAME, but in FRBR and RDA, an access point is not defined as an entity.  In fact, it didn't come out as an entity (with attributes) until FRAD came along--"controlled access point" it's called there.  An access point as viewed through RDA's prism is an artificial construct that acts as a substitute identifier, though not defined as an identifier per se.  Still, if I read the RDA Registry correctly, access points for works would latch onto the "has identifier for the work" property:

Mark K. Ehlert
University of St. Thomas