Beware of using "Faust. 1. Theil". 

The common german title in use today is "Faust. Der Tragödie erster Teil."

"1. Theil" is also very problematic because in Germany, Goethe's Faust parts are numbered by roman numerals (I, II) and not by arabic numerals (1, 2).


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Part work title:   Part One   (RDA 6.2.1, applying to both preferred and variant titles--record the part work title as it appears in the source; good for a 245 $n)
Preferred part work title:  $n 1. Theil  (RDA, preferring the part title in the original language when in common use, and preferring "1." over "Erste"; good for 240 $n)
Authorized access point for the part work:   Goethe, ... $t Faust. $n 1. Theil   (RDA, based on the AAP for the whole work with the part's preferred title added; for a part work preferred title that is only a general designation)
Authorized access point for the part work's expression:   Goethe, ... $t Faust. $n 1. Theil. $l English   (RDA 6.27.3, adding the language of expression)