I plan to present a paper alone on the "Effects of “BIBFRAME” on information library systems (ILS).", and with Dr. Hala Abdel Moneim on "Who BIBFRAME data is stored"

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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 14:49:57 +0200
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Subject: [BIBFRAME] Bibframe conference, Cairo, Egypt
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The standard model “BIBFRAME” for resources description and access in web environment: applications and challenges


A Conference organized by Cybrarians; the Arabic Portal for Librarianship and Information

Cairo, Egypt

9-10 September 2015





Starting from the second decade of the 21st century a great revolution happening in cataloging. In April 2013, the implementation of the new cataloging rules RDA started officially, and nowadays BIBFRAME considered the potential substitute of MARC 21. The Bibliographic Framework Initiative issued in 2011 by Library of Congress in order to make a huge change in the structure of  bibliographic records.


Cybrarians organization is pleased to organize this event in order to reduce the time gap between Arabic and global library community. The conference aiming at presenting the Bibliographic Framework “Bibframe” to get Arabic community up to date, and to discuss the expected effects of new changes in cataloging, and how Arab library community will be ready to such new challenges.


Conference topics

1.      The identity of “BIBFRAME”, terms and applications.

2.      Comparison between MARC 21 and “BIBFRAME”.

3.      The future of cataloging within RDA and “BIBFRAME”.

4.      The current situation of MARC in Egyptian and Arabic library, and challenges of conversion to “BIBFRAME”.

5.      Linked data as a platform of “BIBFRAME”.

6.      Effects of “BIBFRAME” on information library systems (ILS).

7.      Information search and retrieval within “BIBFRAME” implementation.

8.      How Arabic libraries can be ready for “BIBFRAME”.

9.      Relation between “BIBFRAME” and standard identifiers (DOI, ISNI, ICSI, ARK)

10.  “BIBFRAME” and its relation to metadata and data models (RDF, EDM)



Call for papers

The conference accept researches in two main languages Arabic and English. Any research must be:

1.      Original research and not published before the conference time.

2.      Research topic have to be about one of conference themes.

3.      Full text must be provided before the conference according to the announced dates.


Important dates

All researches send by email to: [log in to unmask]">bibframe@cybrarians.org

·         May 15, 2015: Deadline for sending abstracts.

·         May 20, 2015: Notifying the accepted abstracts.

·         August 13, 2015: Deadline for sending the full text.

·         August 27, 2015: Deadline for sending the presentation of researches (Powerpoint format)


More details available on the conference web site: http://www.cybrarians.org/en/about-bibf.html



Mahmoud Khalifa
PhD. Information Science, Cairo University
CEO, Cybrarians: Arabic Portal of Librarianship & Information
Cataloger Librarian, Library of Congress, Cairo Office, Egypt
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Cell: +2012-2489-4472
Office: +202-2792-2695