For my series/serials processing, I needed a structure for title
statements, something like

resourceA bx:titleStatement [
     a TitleStatement ;
     rdf:ID title1 ;
     bx:uniformTitle "...";
     bx:mainTitle "...";
     bx:subTitle "...";
     bx:part "...";
     bx:numbering "...";

with an identity for the title statement (not all possible properties shown
here), which is not the identity of the resourceA.

I did not find this in Bibframe, only strings in bf:titleStatement.

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On Sun, Apr 26, 2015 at 8:06 PM, Karen Coyle <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> To be sure the identity is to the title and not the string, so two items
> with the same title ("Complete works") get two different identities because
> they are titles to two different works, and the "coincidence" of being the
> same set of characters is not part of the meaning. Which means that the
> identity of the title is 1/1 with the resource, no? Is there any way that
> can be used? Such that ...
> resourceA hasTitle "string"
> resourceA hasTranslatedTitle "stringa"
> etc.? This is how it is expressed in MARC, with all titles being titles of
> the resource. And this is also the meaning of dct:title.