> Perhaps you could clarify what you mean about dbpedia?

> Dbpedia publishes statements about dbpedia URIs, not wikipedia URIs.
> is the URI dbpedia minted to identify a particular fictional character, and is the foaf:isPrimaryTopic of the wikipedia article.

DBpedia publishes statements automatically extracted from various language wikipedias (and associated ontologies) in a manner completely independent of, and in direct competition to, wikimedia's own linked data representation of the same data (which is at [I had not realised when I gave the example that all DBpedia statements have URIs as subjects, which is a quirk of their implementation.]

The two representations are different, compare and; DBpedia tends to have more textual values, category and infobox data whereas wikidata has more cross-site URIs. Wikidata is live whereas DBpedia is based on snapshots. Wikidata attempts to be language independent whereas DBpedia privileges English language.

The continuing success of DBpedia illustrates the successful separation of the publishing of data (wikipedias in various languages) and the publishing of metadata derived from that data.