On the bibframe site, if you take the classs bf:Work for example:

It tells you the properties from it’s parent “Resource” class, plus the properties used in the class, plus those that are unconstrained in domain. Is that not where you were looking?


Storage of bibframe data is up to implementers. Several seem to be putting the data into a nosql database and using elastic search or solr, and into a triplestore for sparql queries on the relationships among nodes.  LD4P and the Library of Congress are starting up pilot projects to flesh this all out.





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Hi all,


I’m wondering how Bibframe data is stored? I’m wondering if anyone has thought about defining mappings between it and a relational database or at least an object oriented programming model that could be manipulated easily? Does such a thing exist, or are ILS implementers left to figure this out on their own? How is a programmer expected to work with the data? XML parser, then, build your own programming model? On there is a list of classes and properties. If you click on a class, it takes you to a once sentence description of the class. However, it doesn’t enumerate the properties that are applicable to that class. Shouldn’t there be a list of the properties for the class?