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My management has become increasingly interested in tracking metrics for library services using a commercial solution. For years we have used manual means to capture workload such as the number of articles we request, number and source of reference questions and timeliness of response, etc. In the world of increased scrutiny, we are being asked to have a tool that would remove the manual means as much as possible. The IT parts of our agency have been using the Remedy call tracking software to register requests for assistance for IT related needs such as computer problems, but it was not built to handle library services tracking, although with a developer, that could change. Before we head in that direction, do any of you use any kind of “call-tracking” database, commercial or otherwise that is specifically good in a library setting? We have looked at EOS, and other “library” tools, but don’t find they offer the level of tracking for all the kinds of traditional library services that we offer. I’d love to hear what other Federal libraries are doing as well as about the struggles and successes of your implementation of such a system.


When/if you reply, please send only to me. I can compile results for the listserv over the next month and share with the group if it would be helpful.


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