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Although Buddhism is not an area of specialization of mine, I wondered about NAR n  95097640, Tripiṭaka. ǂp Sūtrapiṭaka. ǂp Prajñāpāramitā. ǂp Hr̥daya. ǂl English.  This NAR (included below) appears to be a case represented by  information given in Module 6, "Describing Works and Expressions" SLIDE 76 (available via, which reads:

•	LC catalogers do not record elements in authority records or add elements to authorized access points to differentiate separate expressions in the same language 
•	For example, Shakespeare’s Hamlet in French would, for LC, be represented by a single authority record and a single authorized access point even though there are more than one translation
	Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. Hamlet. French 
		= all French translations of Hamlet. 

I was about to add this field
670  The Heart Sutra and beyond, 2014.
having in hand the cited book (OCLC 900242090, LCCN 2014946427).  But it occurred to me that doing so would actually turn this NAR	into what might be considered an "undifferentiated" record for multiple expressions.  Right now, the NAR appears to represents only one expression, the one cited in field 670, although the heading might have been used (and controlled in OCLC Connexion) for other translations.

I wondered whether 6.25 would be applicable.  However, reads "For other religious works and parts of those works, record other distinguishing characteristics of the expression by applying the general instructions at 6.12."  Nor do I see instructions in 6.30.3, "General Guidelines on Constructing Authorized Access Points Representing Expressions of Religious Works" that pertain to the Tripiṭaka.

So I did no work on this NAR, pending an outcome of any response to this email.  Perhaps someone specializing in Buddhist literature is planning a project to update all pertinent NARs, if this doesn't count as too much wishful thinking!  I am however in process of adding to the bib record field 730  ǂi Translation of:   and controlled it to NAR n  50082700.

Further complicating factors in this situation are that the English version in hand was translated from a Chinese intermediate version, not from the original Sanskrit, and that the edition has commentary from the perspective of anthrosophy.

Sincerely - Ian

010  n  95097640  ǂz n 2002056551
040  DLC ǂb eng ǂc DLC ǂd OrLoB ǂd InU ǂd DLC
130 0Tripiṭaka. ǂp Sūtrapiṭaka. ǂp Prajñāpāramitā. ǂp Hr̥daya. ǂl English
430 0Elaborations on emptiness
430 0Heart Sūtra
670  Elaborations on emptiness, 1996: ǂb CIP t.p. (Heart Sūtra)

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