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MARC Update 20 changes the meaning of 046 $s and $t in authority records for corporate bodies. Rather than recording establishment and termination dates, they will record the start and end of periods of activity, as for personal names. New subfields $q and $r will record establishment and termination dates.

There's an important proviso to this, that I hope everyone contributing to NACO will note - LC and NACO have not yet adopted the MARC changes, so they can NOT be implemented yet in NACO authority records. Before they can be implemented, a program will be run to convert all the existing $s and $t, in NACO records for corporate names, to $q and $r. At one time we hoped this would happen as part of the Phase 3B RDA changes to LC/NAF due this summer, but this isn't going to happen, so it will be later on.

I'm hoping that PCC will bring to all NACO Participants' attention, that at the present time $q and $r should NOT be used, and $s and $t should continue to be used in records for corporate bodies to record establishment and termination dates, and NOT the start and end of periods of activity. Otherwise horrible confusion will ensue.

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Subject: [MARC] MARC 21 Update No. 20: Full and Concise available online

Update No. 20 (April 2015) is now available on the MARC website ( It is integrated into the documentation for each of the Online Full and Concise formats that are maintained on that site -- the Bibliographic format, Authority format, Holdings format, Classification format, and Community Information format. The documentation includes changes made to the MARC 21 formats resulting from proposals which were considered by the MARC 21 community in January/February 2015.

The changes are indicated in red. Each format also has an appendix,"Format Changes for Update No. 20 (April 2015)" that lists the changes that comprise the update. The Web version of the formats is the official version and its release is considered the start date for implementation planning for Update 20. Users are not expected to begin using the new features in the format until 60 days from the date of this
announcement: April 29, 2015. For more information about format documentation see:

Users who want a print version of changed fields will be able to print them from the Format web pages (CDS does not sell a print version of the update). The "Format Changes" appendixes noted above incorporate a print guide following the list of changes, to facilitate easy printing.

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