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Thanks for your message about the RDA records at -- it is good so see that you have analyzed the records so thoroughly.


The RDA records were collected by a task group under the auspices of the PCC Standing Committee on Training (SCT) back in 2011, when RDA was still being implemented by the PCC. That is not an excuse for any errors you might find in the records, but is a comment on the newness of RDA when they were collected and vetted.


I was one of the SCT co-chairs at the time.


The records are due for evaluation now that RDA has become a part of everyone’s workflow. I will let the SCT know and will send them your specific questions as well.


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I am making my first foray into RDA records.  I have been reading and looking at samples.  The PCC sample for Projected Medium Records found at

I am unclear about the 046k plus some other dates.


On record 1

I don't even know where the 046$k2000 comes from, as i do not see anything which relates back to 2000.

Why would someone choose to include both a 380 and a 655.  Both which refer to television program.


Record 2 


I assume refers to an event which took place in 1996 and has a note explaining such event in 518.  Why then, is that event not placed in the 033 instead?  Yes I do see a note for originally produced in 1996, then why not include that information in a 264?  Why no 1996 in Dtst?


Record 3

Why is 2009,2009 the Dtst?


What I have read about the 046, is a date that doesn't go anywhere else.  It seems to me that 046 is being used for an original production but what not use the 264(p) or (c)


In general I have been advised to use the p in the Dtst rather than the t which is in the examples.


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I appreciate any feedback.




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