The PCC standard for this issue is easily findable in LC-PCC PS for 9.3.13 and it hasn’t changed (see the example “1964 June 27” under “RDA presentation”). This was probably simply a misunderstanding on the part of the cataloger. Since this is an extremely recent change (the record is still in distribution), it might be appropriate for you to contact the NACO coordinator at the library that made the change, just in case somebody is misunderstanding something, and then have them correct the form.




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Subject: New style for dates?


Hello -

I encountered this name in the NAF (ARN 255855, 010 n  79022059)

100   1_   Finkelstein, Louis, ǂd 1895-19911129

Sure, we use ISO 8601 for the dates in the 046 field.

But I have never heard of using that style in 100 $d.

What I've seen is this style: 1991 November 29.

Is there a new PCC standard for 100 $d dates that I have overlooked?

Thank you for any light you can shed.


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