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>I don't agree with you here.  I don't believe that you have to change 
it something else in the title proper or elsewhere.  I interpret RDA 
used with the ISBD requirements as meaning that you have to separate the 
title proper from other title by space colon space, but you wouldn't 
have to change the punctuation in the title proper.  In other words 
(made-up example):
>245 10 $a Star trek: the next generation : $b a history and episode 
list of the TV show / $c by Captain Picard.
>I'm interested in hearing if others agree.
>Adam Schiff
>University of Washington Libraries

I agree absolutely. AACR 2 itself didn't expressly prohibit the use of a 
colon (without preceding space) in the title proper, but there was an 
LCRI that said not to use marks of standard punctuation there unless 
spaces on both sides could be closed up ("Usually, a comma or a dash 
(with space closed up on both sides) can be substituted for a colon": 
LCRI to AACR 2 1.1B1). 

This instruction doesn't concern us under RDA (given RDA 1.7.3: 
"Transcribe punctuation as it appears on the source"), and I wish 
catalogers would made more liberal use of this option, especially in 
cases where the part before the colon is something that's likely to be 
extremely common at the beginning of a title, like the name of a well-
known person or a place name.

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