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At my desk:
Egypt in the first millennium AD : b perspectives from new fieldwork / c edited by Elisabeth R. O'Connell.  OCLC 900685952

The preface begins: The 21st Annual Egyptology Colloquium at the British Museum in July 2012 ...

With a mind to creating a NAR for this colloquium, I've been searching.  But I haven't succeeded in finding any information about publications for other colloquia than this one.   Searches in WorldCat by keyword "Egyptology Colloquium" gave no pertinent results.

The web site
Nubia in the New Kingdom: Lived experience, pharaonic control and local traditions
Annual Egyptological Colloquium   Thursday 11 July, 10.0018.00  Friday 12 July, 10.0017.30

However, I don't see any access to previous colloqua via the web site.

I write in case someone with expertise in this area can give any insights.  I'm wondering if there's a corpus of documents out there from previous colloquia, presumably not cataloged, or if this is the only one from which a published book has resulted.

Sincerely - Ian

Ian Fairclough
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