1. The other title information can show up in the authority record in the 670 field (reflecting the 490) or it can be given in a 667 field (see for example n  96048920).  If you think people are likely to see the other title information as the title, it can be used as a 430 (be sure to check for conflicts)

2. The qualifier (Series) is not needed because you are not distinguishing from a title that is not a series or from a corporate body.  Having checked that "Cambridge University Press" is established in the LCNAF, I would set this up as:

Integration through law (Cambridge University Press)   

3. The rule for sources of series information is to work your way down the hierarchy until you find something, then keep going if there are variants.   So the title page verso is a valid source for numbering that is not found in a more preferred source.  

Forgive me for not citing rule numbers here.  Under AACR2, a lot of information about series was found only in LCRIs, sometimes only in training material, and I'm still slow at finding things in RDA.  Others can chime in if I have missed anything in this seat-of-the pants answer.

Hope this helps,


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Folks, we have a bit complex situation regarding to establishing a series title.

The book title is Rules of origin in ASEAN. On the book cover and series title page, it has Integration Through Law (big font) The Role of Law and the Rule of Law in ASEAN Integration (small fonts) (no numbering info on cover or title page)

On the title page verso, it has: Integration through law: the role of law and the rule of law in asean integration ; 1

In the publisher's website, it has Integration through law: the role of law and the rule of law in ASEAN integration with no numbering info. 

While searching authority file, there is already another series title established for Integration through law. 

Here are the questions:
1. Should the other title info (the role of law and the rule of law in asean integration) be included in the authority record in this case? Or it can only show up in 490 (based on RDA 2.12.4)?

2. Normally we don't use other title information to distinguish series title, but rather using form of the title/other institution/place of the publication, etc. as additional qualifier. So under the case, should 830 for the series title be:
Integration through law (Series) (Cambridge University Press)?

3. Should I include the numbering info? BTW: if trust the numbering info on the t.p, verso (2.12.9), the starting year of the series would be 2015.