I am making my first foray into RDA records.  I have been reading and looking at samples.  The PCC sample for Projected Medium Records found at
I am unclear about the 046k plus some other dates.

On record 1
I don't even know where the 046$k2000 comes from, as i do not see anything which relates back to 2000.
Why would someone choose to include both a 380 and a 655.  Both which refer to television program.

Record 2 
I assume refers to an event which took place in 1996 and has a note explaining such event in 518.  Why then, is that event not placed in the 033 instead?  Yes I do see a note for originally produced in 1996, then why not include that information in a 264?  Why no 1996 in Dtst?

Record 3
Why is 2009,2009 the Dtst?

What I have read about the 046, is a date that doesn't go anywhere else.  It seems to me that 046 is being used for an original production but what not use the 264(p) or (c)

In general I have been advised to use the p in the Dtst rather than the t which is in the examples.

Thank you,
I appreciate any feedback.

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