Madeline --

I look forward to reading your paper.  Unfortunately I'll not be able to
attend your presentation in Pittsburg.  However, I look forward to any
subsequent online presentation.  What you're doing looks intriguing and I'm
pretty familiar with the genre.

*Benny Strickler with Bob Wills in Tulsa, 1941-42*

Perhaps I can share with you that when I once went hunting to purchase 78s
back in the 1970s, I answered the classified ad of an African American
woman selling some Milton Brown discs.

At first she was slightly baffled; how did I come to be interested in the
"old black music" of Milton Brown and his Brownies.  As we completed the
transaction and I informed her what I knew of Milton Brown, it shook her
world.  Artists she had perceived as black since she'd heard them in
childhood were white boys?  Was I certain?  Remarkable.

Dave Radlauer


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