I have an LP on Girth Records BB-PW 204 ("Big music for our large audience.
Pressed at our giant plant in Alquin, Utah") that claims to be "original
true live performances" of "Paul 'Pops' Whiteman" and "that 'Sometimes I'm
happy' man and his 'Live' saxes! Blue Barron"

Searching Lord 12.0 turns up nothing of use. No "Blue Barron" or other
Barron that can be connected to the tunes on the album (Old piano roll
blues, You dreamer you, Bewitched, bothered & bewildered, Dam it baby,
that's love, etc.) The Whiteman tunes (Carioca, Whispering, I kiss your
hand madam, Three o'clock in the morning, Sunrise serenade, Paul's blues,
Rhapsody in blue, 18th century drawing room, Toy trumpet, The lady's in
love with you, Nola, Saxaphobia [sic]) don't really work any better when
you put them together.

There are plenty of instances of this album being cited or for sale, but
none of them give a clue as to personnel or dates of the supposed live

I did turn up a site for a Girth Records online but it doesn't seem to have
anything to do with this LP.

Anyone a specialist in Whiteman's live recordings or who can even tell me
something about Blue Barron out there?

Thanks in advance,

Peter Hirsch