On 03/05/2015, Tom Fine wrote:

> Hi Steve:
> I am correct in remembering reading somewhere that HMV developed a
> multi-horn recording system for large orchestras? If I remember what I
> read correctly, there were 3 or 4 horns that came together into a
> single pipe that fed the recording membrane. I forgot if Abbey Road
> was built in the late acoustic era or was always an electric facility,
> or where this multi-horn system was built. I don't recall reading
> anything about Victor in the US doing multi-horn recordings, nor
> Edison.
The Abbey Road studio dates from 1931, so it was always electric.

The original house which was converted into studios was already 100
years old in 1931.

I have seen photos of multi-horn setups, but I can't remember where

Don Cox
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