I'd also recommend a visit to Laurel Caverns, which is very close to
Kentuck Knob.  The sculpture gardens at Kentuck Knob are terrific.

On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 12:51 PM, Williams, Tim <
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> I am glad Tom mentioned houses plural re: Frank Lloyd Wright.  Most folks
> know about Fallingwater, but Kentuck Knob is neat-o and based around
> hexagons (and our tour guide last year was candid about FLW's quirks,
> stubbornness, mistakes, etc.).  Kentuck Knob also has outdoor sculpture
> gardens.
> Altoona seems an odd place to suggest unless you are a railroad enthusiast
> because it's where a famous horseshoe train curve is located.
> Up around Oil City and Titusville where the oil industry began (and where
> the nice museum Steve mentioned is), there is also a music box museum in
> Franklin, PA.
> For natural wonders there are lots of state parks throughout the whole
> region.  Wildflower enthusiasts can travel 30-35 minutes west of town to
> Raccoon Creek State Park's wildflower preserve.  Ohiopyle State Park is an
> hour or so east of Pgh and has a number of rapids and waterfalls.  Near
> Ohiopyle is Laurel Hill State Park with a nice hike through old hemlocks.
> Further away (about 2 hours northeast of downtown Pgh) is Cook Forest for
> those who like remaining stands of old growth forest.
> Enjoy your travels, Rainer, and others.
> -- Tim
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> Years ago I visited Oil City, PA, within relatively easy driving distance
> of
> Pittsburgh.  There was a small but fascinating museum on the early days of
> U.S. oil exploration, the rise of Standard Oil, the muckrakers, Ida Tarbell
> in particular, etc.    I was in an unsuccessful search for Ida Tarbell's
> voice.
> Steve Smolian
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> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Pittsburgh in June
> Hi Rainer:
> Definitely see the two Frank Lloyd Wright houses near Pittsburgh. And the
> Warhol Museum, if modern
> art is your thing. Because there was so much industrial wealth concentrated
> in Pittsburgh, I suspect
> you could spend several days and still not see all of the interesting
> historical and cultural
> attractions.
> If you're interested in US Civil War history, Gettysburg is definitely
> worth
> seeing, although a bit
> of a drive. Take a day and walk the battlefields. There's a place down the
> road from where the old
> sightseeing tower was that rents horses and offers semi-guided rides of
> some
> of the battlefield (at
> least there was such a business 20 years ago when I visited there).
> If you don't mind a few hours driving, go to Philadelphia and enjoy cheese
> steaks, the museums and
> (carefully) walk around the parts of downtown where you don't need body
> armor. Philly is not the
> safest city in the US, but you should be OK in daylight.
> Also, check out the abandoned town of Centralia. There are signs warning
> you
> to stay out, but you
> can go poke around. Watch out for the smoldering cracks in the ground!
> If you like American baseball, the park in Pittsburgh is particularly nice.
> Also the minor league
> park in Scranton. And, the AAA NY-Penn League park at Williamsport is one
> of
> the oldest surviving
> baseball stadiums in the US. In that area, it's also to see all the signs
> of
> the booming (now
> slightly busted) shale-gas business.
> If you got to Gettysburg and it gets you curious for more Civil War
> sightseeing, head to Maryland
> and check out Antietam, and there are more important Civil War sites as you
> get closer to Washington
> DC.
> -- Tom Fine
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Pittsburgh in June
> > after the May conference ends, I have a week to spend, travelling by car.
> > I have been advised to visit the Altoona area. Any other suggestions for
> > sightseeing, scenery, antiques, fine dining, modern art in Pennsylvania?
> >
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