For myself, I do not "Declick" or run any noise reduction before combining
the channels (which I do on the computer, not from cartridge wiring).  The
reason is that you want as much noise as possible to cancel when combining
the channels. The noise that is going to cancel is in both channels but
with opposite phase.  For example, although a loud click may be louder in
one channel that the other, the less loud one will still be the
corresponding "negative" that will bring down the louder one in other
channel, even if not completely.  And a number of such "pairs" are equal in
strength, or close to it.  Anything you have done to one channel or the
other with a computer program will interfere with this cancellation
process, so combining the channels should be done first.  The same is true
for ordinary groove wall noise in a mono LP, much of which will cancel
itself out when the channels are combined.

The reason not to wire the cartridge to mono is that sometimes one channel
(groove wall) is a mess while the other one comes thru OK, and you want to
be able to access the good side to assemble to best result.  If you have
already combined the channels, you have put the mess in both channels
already, where you can't pull the channels apart.  So I keep an original
"stereo" version on the computer, even though I am working on the one where
the channels have been combined, in case I find that I need it.

John Haley

On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 10:21 AM, James Roth <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Thank you, Richard.
> I believe the alignment is perfect.
> I am certainly learning about these Edison Diamond Disks.
> Now, I'm using the vertical wired cartridge with the 3.5 FCR stylus but
> not "monofying" with the Y adapter.
> After the transferring and declicking I'll merge the 2 tracks.
> It's amazing that so much noise disappears just by using those two
> features.
> Sometimes, however, there's still noise I can't eliminate and it's usually
> at the beginning of the record for about 45 seconds.
> I appreciate everyone's suggestions!  Thank you all!
> Regards,
> Ben Roth
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> Ben,
> Have you checked your cartridge alignment? I'm slowly learning about discs
> but Doug Pomeroy has discussed this in several venues to far greater
> detail. There is a corollary in cartridge alignment similar to azimuth in
> tape head alignment. If this is off, it will make what you are trying to do
> less effective.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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