Hi, Tom,

iZotope has an option to save all metadata (as apparently does FLAC (the 
container)). Otherwise, only metadata the program knows about is saved.

Hi, Dave,

One thing we have is the ability to embed MD5 checksums in WAV files 
with the custom-written software BWFMETAEDIT. However, I have found this 
software a bit problematic from time to time. It was sponsored by a US 
Federal Government initiative.

Thanks for the further insight. This was the type of discussion I was 
hoping to engender when I posted the original message.



On 2015-05-18 1:25 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Hi Dave Rice, et al:
> Another question about the WAV file format. Why is dBPowerAmp's CD
> ripper able to write tag metadata to WAV files, and all of my various
> player software able to read them (Foobar2000, iTunes for Windows,
> Logitech server and player software), but if I open the WAV file in Sony
> Soundforge, do anything to it and then save it, the tag information is
> gone? Also, someone I sent one of these WAV files claimed his software
> -- either Protools or Logic -- said the file was "corrupted." So what's
> going on there? Soundforge and Harrison Mixbus software for Windows have
> no trouble opening these WAV files, but seem to discard the tag info or
> at least don't save it when work has been done on the file.
> -- Tom Fine
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