On 2015-05-19 11:02 AM, JAMES HOWARTH wrote:
> This is sort of elliptical if not circular. The industry is
> multitrack music and video production. The archival community is an
> anomaly.

I don't understand why this is becoming a religious argument. There is 
room in the tent for everyone. Whether we use Macs or PCs, ProTools or 
Sequoia, Canon or Nikon, Chevy or Ford, shouldn't be something we are 
arguing. There are arguments for and against each. Marketing has a huge 
influence even on people who disavow that influence, I think.

With that said, I know of at least one very serious classical recording 
engineer who switched from ProTools to Sequoia because the SOUND QUALITY 
was substantially improved. I have not heard samples. YMMV.



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