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Partially agreeing with you and Lofty, I'll say this ... if one were coming into it from scratch 
today, with no prior knowledge of with platform and no investment in any software, I think most 
people would prefer OSX to Windows 8 as a base operating environment (but both are somewhat clunky 
and require a lot of mouse-clicking and mouse-moving plus understanding non-intuitive picto-graphs 
and symbols to get anything done). Each individual would probably have different preferences as far 
as specific software to do specific tasks goes. For those of us used to and comfortable using 
Windows software, there are third-party "shells" that make Win8 act like Win7 and it can even be 
made to act somewhat like XP. That said, both OS's require much taking a hand off the keyboard and 
using a mouse, which slows down things if one knows how to type and is comfortable with a keyboard 
as control device.

Regarding the right-clicking mouse, of course I know that modern Apple mouses allow right-click. 
Hence the wink-smile symbol. I was poking fun at Jobs' style-over-substance 1-button mouse that was 
stubbornly sold for years after the Windows world had moved completely to right-click options. And 
no, it's not easier to use two hands (one pushing a keyboard button, the other pushing a mouse 
button) to do what can be done with one hand and a two-button mouse.

-- Tom Fine

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> I've used DAWs on both platforms and I think Lofty's point is well taken.
> Being a Mac guy, I just find the interface more elegant and integrated.
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