Hi, Alex,

Peter Brothers's response to my 2005 query on ARSCLIST is here:

My image is back up where it was, but because people had been 
hot-linking my images, you'll need to copy the URL and paste it into 
your browser. It didn't click for me from the cool website. Pasting the 
link into the browser should allow you to see the image.

Good luck!



On 2015-05-20 3:42 PM, analogue alec wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've received 3 reels of Ampex 456 1/4"  that have some white growth that
> seems more 'salty' than 'mouldy' and wondering if anyone has some ideas on
> whats going on here?
> I have posted a picture of tape on the reel here:
> The tapes were recorded in Dallas in 1977 and have been (i believe)
> non-environmentally controlled storage ever since.  The boxes are the old
> 406 type and dont have any growths at all.
> I look forward to reading your comments.
> Many thanks,
> alex.
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