I used Harvest Maid FD-1000 dehydrators.
They have very accurate electronic temperature control, +/- 1 C mesured by a 
DVM with a thermal probe at the middle rack of my ones.
The scale of the t control is not accurate, but t control itself is good 
enough for tapes baking.

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> food dehydrator
> I used an Excalibur food dehydrator for video tapes.
> The temperature setting on the control is next to meaningless as it uses a 
> bi-metal strip to regulator the temperature. In steady state the 
> temperature would easily swing over a range of 25 degrees and not about 
> the nominal setting.
> Solution    -
> 1) I used a DVM with a thermal probe ($25) and monitored the temperature 
> under a tape at the center rack.
> 2) Added a light dimmer (SCR -controlled and cheap ) in series with the 
> heater coil.
> 3) Turn the oven temperature to the high end of the temperature I wanted, 
> as a fail safe, and then slowly raised the power with the light dimmer 
> checking every 15 min in order to get the desired temp. If the original 
> bi-metal strip triggers, then raise the original oven temperature 
> controller setting a bit.
> The overall goal here is to use the light dimmer to reduce power to the 
> heater coil to that you get to the desired temperature with NO thermal 
> cycling at all.
> Using this simple approach I could maintain a target temperature within 2 
> degrees. This is predicated on the ambient temperature being controlled - 
> (air conditioner).
> The set point the light dimmer changes with the amount of material in the 
> oven as more material retards air flow and raises the temperature.
> P.S.
> 1) the input air to the oven was the output of a separate 
>  de-humidifier. - not essential.
> 2) You have to be willing to wire up a light dimmer and take stuff apart.
> 3) fresh chives are better than dehydrated chives.
> On 5/30/2015 3:32 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>> On 2015-05-30 1:42 PM, John Chester wrote:
>>> I note that all those who report no damage to plastic reels are
>>> maintaining good control of baking temperature.  My nominal baking
>>> temperature is 53 degrees C, and I am very careful to never exceed 55
>>> degrees C.
>> Yes, I think that is key. The food dehydrator never goes above 55 degrees 
>> C. Tapes will survive a higher baking temperature as my early 
>> uncontrolled experiments showed (and they bake up faster that way), but
>> we don't know what other damage occurs, so it's best to follow the recipe 
>> in the Ampex patent with the only modification the extension of time as 
>> we've discussed here many times.
>> Thanks!
>> Cheers,
>> Richard
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