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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Leonard Bernstein - lectures

Anyone have a list of BERNSTEIN's lectures released on record/dvd ????

Below is list of what I've found.  Please provide


Thanks, Thomas.



COLUMBIA CL 918  Leonard Bernstein on Beethoven

  Symphony No.5 - Bruno Walter/Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York

COLUMBIA CL 919  What is Jazz


Were there other OMNIBUS presentations?   any others released ?
Leonard Bernstein: Omnibus-The Historic TV Broadcasts
 Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (1954)
 The World of Jazz (1955)
 The Art of Conducting (1955)
 American Musical Comedy (1956)
 Introduction to Modern Music (1957)
 The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach (1957
 What Makes Opera Grand? (1958).




COLUMBIA MS 6468  Beethoven Symphony No.5

                                     talk on bonus 7" disc.

         IS THIS FROM CL 918 - Omnibus  ??????????????????


SONY 60692  Beethoven Symphony No.3 "Eroica" - How a Great Symphony was
written  CD

        Was this specially prepared for this CD or from a broadcast



Leonard Bernstein's YOUNG PEOPLE's CONCERTS   CBS-TV 1960-72

  52 of 53 programs issued - omitting Copland's The Second Hurricane 


KULTUR  9-DVD set  -   25 programs

1. What Does Music Mean?

2. What is American Music?

3. What is Orchestration?

4. What Makes Music Symphonic?

5. What is Classical Music?

6. Humor in Music

7. What is a Concerto?

8. Who is Gustav Mahler?

9. Folk Music in the Concert Hall

10. What is Impressionism?

11. Happy Birthday, Igor Stravinsky

12. What is a Melody?

13. The Latin American Spirit

14. Jazz in the Concert Hall

15. What is Sonata Form?

16. A Tribute to Sibelius

17. Musical Atoms: A Study in Intervals

18. The Sound of an Orchestra

19. A Birthday Tribute to Shostakovich

20. What is a Mode?

21. A Toast to Vienna in 3/4 Time

22. Quiz-Concert: How Musical Are You?

23. Berlioz Takes a Trip

24. Two Ballet Birds

25. Fidelio: A Celebration of Life


KULTUR  9-DVD set  Volume 2  -  27 programs

Young Performers No. 1; 

Unusual Instruments Of Present, Past, And Future; 

Overtures And Preludes; 

Aaron Copland Birthday Party; 

Young Performers No. 2; 

The Road To Paris; 

Young Performers No. 3; 

The Sound Of A Hall; 

Young Performers No. 4; 

A Tribute To Teachers; 

Young Performers No. 5; 

The Genius Of Paul Hindemith; 

Farewell To Nationalism; 

Young Performers No. 6; 

Young Performers No. 7; 

Young Performers No. 8; 

Charles Ives: American Pioneer; 

Alumni Reunion; 

Forever Beethoven; 

Young Performers No. 9; 

Fantastic Variations; 

Bach Transmogrified; 

The Anatomy Of A Symphony Orchestra; 

A Copland Celebration; 

Thus Spoke Richard Strauss; 

Liszt And The Devil; 

Holst: The Planets



LEONARD BERNSTEIN at Harvard - the Norton lectures, 1973

COLUMBIA 6 box sets

KULTUR      6 DVD box

M2X 33014  Vol. 1 - "Musical Phonology"

M3X 33017  Vol. 2 - "Musical Syntax"

M3X 33020  Vol. 3 - "Musical Semantics" 

M3X 33024  Vol. 4 - "The Delights and Dangers of Ambiguity"

M3X 33028  Vol. 5 - "The Twentieth Century Crisis"  

M3X 33032  Vol. 6 - "The Poetry Of Earth"