Years ago I visited Oil City, PA, within relatively easy driving distance of 
Pittsburgh.  There was a small but fascinating museum on the early days of 
U.S. oil exploration, the rise of Standard Oil, the muckrakers, Ida Tarbell 
in particular, etc.    I was in an unsuccessful search for Ida Tarbell's 

Steve Smolian

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Hi Rainer:

Definitely see the two Frank Lloyd Wright houses near Pittsburgh. And the 
Warhol Museum, if modern
art is your thing. Because there was so much industrial wealth concentrated 
in Pittsburgh, I suspect
you could spend several days and still not see all of the interesting 
historical and cultural

If you're interested in US Civil War history, Gettysburg is definitely worth 
seeing, although a bit
of a drive. Take a day and walk the battlefields. There's a place down the 
road from where the old
sightseeing tower was that rents horses and offers semi-guided rides of some 
of the battlefield (at
least there was such a business 20 years ago when I visited there).

If you don't mind a few hours driving, go to Philadelphia and enjoy cheese 
steaks, the museums and
(carefully) walk around the parts of downtown where you don't need body 
armor. Philly is not the
safest city in the US, but you should be OK in daylight.

Also, check out the abandoned town of Centralia. There are signs warning you 
to stay out, but you
can go poke around. Watch out for the smoldering cracks in the ground!

If you like American baseball, the park in Pittsburgh is particularly nice. 
Also the minor league
park in Scranton. And, the AAA NY-Penn League park at Williamsport is one of 
the oldest surviving
baseball stadiums in the US. In that area, it's also to see all the signs of 
the booming (now
slightly busted) shale-gas business.

If you got to Gettysburg and it gets you curious for more Civil War 
sightseeing, head to Maryland
and check out Antietam, and there are more important Civil War sites as you 
get closer to Washington

-- Tom Fine

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> after the May conference ends, I have a week to spend, travelling by car. 
> I have been advised to visit the Altoona area. Any other suggestions for 
> sightseeing, scenery, antiques, fine dining, modern art in Pennsylvania?
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