On 5/10/2015 10:01 PM, Clark Johnsen wrote:
> While I've said this before, perhaps it's worth repeating: As a
> practitioner of "high-end audio" record playing, I have applied many of
> those unusual procedures to my beloved 78s, to success. Nowhere online have
> I seen anything about these practices, so what should I do with this
> abstruse knowledge? Seriously. I'm asking.

I need to ask in return: to what "unusual procedures" do you refer? I'm 
sorry to be thick, but I've gotten lost in the pronouns.

> Please don't say, Make a cassette. Or, Make a CD. (I can't, anyway.) One
> big improvement lies in the enhanced linearity of the bass, which requires
> a full-range reproduction system to appreciate, which most folks don't
> have. (Just sayin'.)

Are we still talking about VRII cartridges?


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