It's definitely not a good idea! In the world of mid-budget and low-budget audio production, burned 
CDs are still sometimes the master media (not something I recommend, but something that sometimes 
saves the client money on CD manufacturing). I consider CD support, both reading and writing 
MANDATORY in an audio production environment. I assume Apple's operating system allows for 
USB-connected CD burners?

BluRay will never establish a beach-head like DVD did. I doubt it will ever be a mass-media format. 
For TV video and more and more movie consumption, the world is already moving to lossy streaming and 
on-demand, for better or worse. For a movie "library," well that may be a quaint notion in a tiny 
niche market, assuming it's a big enough niche to keep a single BluRay line running (such as what 
happened to SACD).

-- Tom Fine

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> I’m as big an Apple bigot as they come (been using Apple products exclusively since the Apple //e) 
> and even I think this statement is a bit on the hyperbole side.
> I mean, Apple doesn’t even support Blu-Ray. Never has and probably never will. In fact, they are 
> essentially abandoning all optical media, which I don’t think is a good idea, frankly.
> DrG
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>> Apple is the industry standard for audio and video.
>> Please pardon the misspellings and occassional insane word substitution I'm on an iPhone
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>>> Also, I see we have some serious windows defenders on this list.