Thank you, Richard.

I believe the alignment is perfect.

I am certainly learning about these Edison Diamond Disks.
Now, I'm using the vertical wired cartridge with the 3.5 FCR stylus but not "monofying" with the Y adapter.
After the transferring and declicking I'll merge the 2 tracks.
It's amazing that so much noise disappears just by using those two features.
Sometimes, however, there's still noise I can't eliminate and it's usually at the beginning of the record for about 45 seconds.

I appreciate everyone's suggestions!  Thank you all!

Ben Roth

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Have you checked your cartridge alignment? I'm slowly learning about discs but Doug Pomeroy has discussed this in several venues to far greater detail. There is a corollary in cartridge alignment similar to azimuth in tape head alignment. If this is off, it will make what you are trying to do less effective.



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