There will be a flyer for Jerry's Records (and his son's 78 RPM disc store, Whistlin' Willie's, at the same location) in your conference bags.

Mark is right.  Totally worth a visit for any record collector, serious or casual.  And because of Willie, there are a lot of 78s now!

-- Tim

Timothy R. Williams
Music, Film & Audio Department
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Check out this list of Pittsburgh jazz musicians:

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Jerry's Records in Pittsburgh

I don't recall seeing anyone mention this before here, but one used vinyl
store that is definitely worth the trip while you're in Pittsburgh is
Jerry's Records in the Squirrel Hill section.  Here is their website:

I first went there nearly ten years ago when my daughter started going to
college in Pittsburgh, and I've been back once or twice each year ever
since.  Just to put things in perspective, I've been to Princeton Record
Exchange in its LP heyday, to Gramex and Harold Moore's in London, and to
Academy in NYC.  Jerry's ranks up there with the best of them.

Their second-floor shop extends over several large rooms and has every
genre of music (no CDs, mainly LPs and 45s, with a few 78s).  What
particularly struck me was how well-organized, for the most part, the place
was.   For example, in the Classical section, not only are there divider
cards for, say, Prokofiev Symphonies, but also for each individual
symphony, with the discs filed in order by record label (Angel, Columbia,
Decca, etc.) and catalog number within label.

The prices are reasonable, generally about $3 a disc.  I don't recall
seeing a Classical LP being priced at more than $12.  There's also a wall
of 45 rpm boxed sets, both Classical and pop, but it's hidden and not well-
lit; (you may want to bring a flashlight for that).  Payment is cash only,
no credit cards, so hit the ATM before you go.  The place is about five
miles from the Westin, not really walkable, but only an eight-minute
drive.  Parking is on-street and metered.

I spoke to Jerry recently about the upcoming ARSC convention, and he said
that he would try to arrange to keep the store open until 9 p.m. on
Thursday or Friday while we're there.  I will have my car with me, and
would be happy to bring three other ARSC members along when I go (probably
Thursday night, although if he doesn't keep the store open late, it might
have to be during part of one of the days).  I would also be glad to meet
others at the store when I go, and give them a quick overview of where
things are, which will save some time.  Just e-mail me off-line if you're
interested.  I have no affiliation with Jerry's except as a satisfied

Mark Obert-Thorn