Seems you all are talking rumors and unfamiliarity. I only use Macs, and do professional audio, recording, restoration and mastering and none of these are problems if you know your tools and do it in a professional manner.

I am not trying to say that Macs are perfect, or that windows is not, but one must use the tools they like and use them properly and there is no inherent issue with corruption unless the user fails to use normal proper procedures for maintenance and file storage..

The Chavez Ravine thing could just as easily been a cassette multitrack, it was just a quirk of somebody famous and strange. Like Tom Waits using a megaphone in front of his vocal mic.

Obsolescence of what file system? Wild analogy:  I’ve read that trucks need to be manually shifted thousands of times a day, and sometimes they crash. How is that different from Windows or Mac OS? Some drivers have never had an accident.

Generalized statements about something you have not used is futile and invalid. I don’t use Windows because it makes no sense to me, but my mentor switched to from Mac to Windows a few years ago and is happy with it.

“Instances of file corruption” happen no matter what you are using… too general a statement!

Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

On May 17, 2015, at 8:59 PM, Carl Pultz <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> said, and insisted that the project be mastered with that output. I think it
> was 'Chavez Ravine.'
> Questions of style and familiarity aside, it is the relative obsolescence of
> the file system that concerns me. I've read that instances of file system
> corruption is not uncommon with Mac OS and I've had people tell me of their
> Macs going blank. It's rather rare with MS's NTFS. I'm told they are both
> inferior to the common linux FS (the name escapes me).
> I just got a handmedown iPad2. There's a free app that works as a client for
> a DNLA library, apparently no relation to Quicktime. I'm anxious to try a
> Camera Connection thing, which allows you to hook the machine to a USB DAC.
> Will it resample? Be gapless? Sound good? We'll see.