Hi, Richard,

This is precisely what I am doing- or think I'm doing, including unchecking the 32 bit box in RX4. .  I look at the metadata in Wavelapb 8.5 but see no MD5 number.  When I navigate to the check box for same in Waveab, the gear logo remains in the box at the upper left but doesn't turn or indicate it's alive in any way.  

I suppose I'm looking for a utility into which I can paste the filename that I want the  MD5 number for and it will run the program and fill in the numbers.  I would then like to export it to the hard drive on which I have loaded the identical files (I hope), have it calculate those as well and insert them in another column to the right of the first one, all as a plug-in or an integral part of one of these two programs.  Is there such an animal?


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Hi, Steve,

What I was thinking of in iZotope was the Export File dialogue which contains, across the top:


For WAV, the options are:

Bit depth, Dither

(check) BWF     (check) Preserve non-audio data

(check) Reopen file in RX    OK     Cancel

It is the two check boxes below Bit depth and dither:

When exporting from RX, the WAV file is created anew.

With BWF checked, I think that passes through the other BWF data.

With Preserve non-audio data, I think that passes through other data (such as the BWF MetaEdit MD5 checksum and probably the tags that Tom is discussing).

Thanks for asking, Steve. I just posted this to the RX forum:

> I may be confused with this, but if I open a Broadcast Wave file 
> (generated on a Sound Devices 722) in RX4 and then save it with the 
> BWF option checked, it replaces the Sound Devices origination stamp 
> with its own and the current date.
> I thought that the Origination stamp should not be over-written, but 
> that RX should write into the coding history that it had processed the 
> file.
> I don't know if this is a bug or not, but it seems not to work the way 
> I thought it should.

I know nothing about WaveLab since 6.1.



On 2015-05-18 2:07 PM, Steven Smolian wrote:
> Hi, Richard,
> I'm using Izotope- great program.
> However, I've not tried the MD5 option (nor even looked for it) as 
> Izotope stores everything in 32 bit floating format and I usually 
> convert to 24 bits so I know it plays on other machines.  I'm afraid 
> to get it come up with a code with the 32 floating as part of the 
> imbedded code which won't match the 24 bits in which I ultimately save 
> the file.  Comments?
> So I export to Wavelab 8.5 where I add metadata.  It shows me  the
> MD5 logo, I hit the checkbox to invoke it, but nothing happens.  I'm 
> awaiting an email back from Steinberg about this.
> Steve

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