I assume these specs have changed since 2011.

Wavelab 8.0 doesn't do the whole thing.  Wavelab 8.5, issued last year, does. 

Steve Smolian

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Getting back to your question about different programs having difference levels of support for embedded metadata, though out of date, it'd be worth your while to go over this study:


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> Ditto on the thanks to Dave Rice. I have learned quite a bit about 
> this topic today. I still won't use FLAC as my primary PCM-write 
> format, but I use it all over my house and studio as a backup and stream-access format.
> It's also worth noting, along the lines of what Paul Stamlber said, 
> that because FLAC files reduce the storage need per second of audio, 
> it's a great format for transmission and also for the new generation 
> of portable players such as by Sony, Pono and A&K.
> Given that no other major company except Apple seems to have 
> patent-lawyer issues with FLAC's open-source-ness, I will opine that 
> this is a phantom menace created by Apple to justify sticking with 
> their proprietary lossless format. If lossless downloads ever catch on 
> mass-market with Amazon and Google, it's more likely that Apple 
> gadgets and computers will deal with FLAC natively, and less likely 
> that mass-market retailers will go to the trouble of selling 
> proprietary ALAC alongside open-source FLAC. For what it's worth, on a 
> modern (circa 2013) Windows 7 Lenovo workstation, ripping a CD to FLAC 
> using dBPowerAmp takes less than 1/4 the time of ripping the same CD to ALAC in the latest iTunes for Windows.
> -- Tom Fine
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>  Hi, Tom,
>> iZotope has an option to save all metadata (as apparently does FLAC 
>> (the container)). Otherwise, only metadata the program knows about is saved.
>> Hi, Dave,
>> One thing we have is the ability to embed MD5 checksums in WAV files 
>> with the custom-written software BWFMETAEDIT. However, I have found 
>> this software a bit problematic from time to time. It was sponsored 
>> by a US Federal Government initiative.
>> Thanks for the further insight. This was the type of discussion I was 
>> hoping to engender when I posted the original message.
>> Cheers,
>> Richard
>> On 2015-05-18 1:25 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
>>> Hi Dave Rice, et al:
>>> Another question about the WAV file format. Why is dBPowerAmp's CD 
>>> ripper able to write tag metadata to WAV files, and all of my 
>>> various player software able to read them (Foobar2000, iTunes for 
>>> Windows, Logitech server and player software), but if I open the WAV 
>>> file in Sony Soundforge, do anything to it and then save it, the tag 
>>> information is gone? Also, someone I sent one of these WAV files 
>>> claimed his software
>>> -- either Protools or Logic -- said the file was "corrupted." So 
>>> what's going on there? Soundforge and Harrison Mixbus software for 
>>> Windows have no trouble opening these WAV files, but seem to discard 
>>> the tag info or at least don't save it when work has been done on the file.
>>> -- Tom Fine
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