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> As much as it probably would amuse you to watch me try and edit a video on a stock Win7 machine, it would amuse me to see someone do the regular Corporate America office work that I do in a day on some weirdo platform without a right-click button. ;)

I assume that Tom was joking, but just in case… 

Macs do have a right click-button--or in the case of laptops two finger clicks.  In fact, the standard wired Mac mouse has four buttons--each button just needs to be enabled separately.   Or you can just hook up any standard Windows mouse and the right and middle clicks are there without bothering to enable.  

As for hardware costs: compare hardware to hardware from the few major manufacturers left (Dell, HP, Lenovo…) and hardware/quality comparable to what you get from Apple costs about the same as Apple's, if not more (due to Apple's economies of scale only building high quality hardware) *and* you'll get much better support.  Apple doesn't play in the bargain basement throw-away category where there's no profit margin--the same territory that all the big manufacturers (like IBM) have been shedding or dying to shed because there's not enough money to be made to sustain a profitable low-end/consumer PC business.

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