To Dave, Tom, Aaron, John, and David and all who have participated or taken interest in the recent threads involving the recent discussion of hot jazz:

I have read your comments with great interest, and I cordially invite you to my session in Pittsburg, which relates to many of the issues you've brought up. I'm not asking you to come because I think you might learn something new, but rather so you might comment on it. I want this group of experts to offer feedback, raise objections and ask pointed questions-all so I can develop a better sense of the which parts of my research are of interest, which parts are moot, and which parts may be flat out wrong. Few in the world know the history of popular music commerce as the subscribers of this list.

My presentation, "Western Swing & The Examination of an Information Object" (e.g. a 78rpm disc distributed in 1935 on Decca's hillbilly label) draws largely on Cary Ginell's work on Milton Brown as a point of departure, but closely analyzes the recorded performance (Decca 5158 B) as a document of how entertainers catered to popular tastes in a particular region at a particular time, and how those tastes were influenced by other musics accessed through recordings and broadcasts in prior years, but also as a means of comparing the music with other swing recordings (specifically by Miff Mole, Henry Allen, and Benny Goodman.)

My work as a jazz/commercial bassist and music instructor drives my musicological endeavors-the origins of standards, influence of styles on other styles (and of individual players on other players), and how all recorded music must, perhaps as a necessary evil, be labeled (described and classified) with words in order to be discovered and accessed. The latter issue especially interests me as a music librarian.

Mine will be the second of two presentations comprising the session on Western Swing on Saturday at 10:45am in Allegheny II. For those of you not attending the conference, my presentation will be made available online-hopefully inciting additional heated conversation. Our passion for this music keeps it alive!

If you're interested in the subject, I invite you to have a look at my work available online at!portfolio/cl21<>

Thanks, and I hope to see you there (or otherwise hear from you!)


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