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Apologies for cross-posting. 

I'm looking for any information about a series if WWII-era recordings called "Poland Speaks form Britain." There's nothing on WorldCat. A Google search produces nothing but our finding aid [] and a semi-random used 78 on Amazon [] . 

Our institution has two programs on qty five discs: 

Poland Speaks from Britain (3 discs)
Part 1: March of 1st Regt. of Light Cavalry Part 2: March of 2nd Regt. of Uhlans Part 3: Cavalry March Part 4: The Highlanders March Part 5: March of Zouaves - 1863 

Poland Speaks from Britain (2 discs)
Set of Twelve Krakowiaks
arr. Gerrard Williams
Band of H.M. Scots Guards
Conductor: Captain S. Rhodes 

More than anything, I'd like to know if there's a discography out there so that we may compare our holdings against those held by other institutions. We know of at least one other institution with "Poland Speaks from Britain" discs and are considering partnering with them to create a master (digital) collection. 

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