Greetings, Mr. Clark

Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

I'm not quite sure what you meant by "record in stereo (out of phase)".
Are you referring to the wiring of the cartridge for vertical grooves?

Also, "invert the phase of one channel" and combine for mono.
I use Sony Sound Forge 9 which has an "Invert/Flip" tool.
It turns the wave of that channel upside down.
Is that what I need to do?
Please explain a little further.
Thank you.

Ben Roth

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If you're using a computer, you can record in stereo (out of phase) , then using a wave editor, invert the phase of one channel, then combine for mono. 
I know the process - and the sound will be horrible until you combine the tracks for mono - then all the noices will miraculously disappear!!! I use the same cartridge for modern stereo and verticals - saves a lot of hassle to do it this way and you don't need a designated cartridge wired for verticals - Mickey Clark

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> Hello everyone,
> I am transferring Edison Diamond disks.
> I'm using a Shure M44-7 with a 3.5 FCR stylus from Expert Stylus.
> I think I've rewired the leads properly for a hill-n-dale groove.
> The turntable is a Technics Quartz SL 1200 Mk 2.
> I'm using a KAB Great Sound Escort pre-amp.
> Still, the sound leaves much to be desired.
> I'm having an extra hard time transferring the Liszt 2nd Hungarian 
> Rhapsody p/b Rachmaninoff.
> Any suggestions?
> Thank you.
> Ben Roth
> P.S. I strongly dislike that cadenza of Rachmaninoff!  I don't think Liszt 
> would have like it either.

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