Hi, Tom,

When measuring phase shift in degrees, it is relative to a given 
frequency. So, a 180 degree phase shift at 1 kHz would be the same time 
delay as a 360 degree phase shift at 2 kHz.

A polarity reversal is independent of frequency/wavelength. When it used 
to go up, it now goes down and vice versa. It is also a binary function: 
in or out of polarity.

I think 99% of the time when we say 180 ° phase shift, we mean polarity 
flip as we want it at all frequencies to be the same.



On 2015-05-06 8:23 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> So is it correct to say that there can only be a polarity reversal
> (180-degrees) whereas there can be any degree of phase shift?
> -- Tom Fine
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