Hi, Tore,

The New York Philharmonic was on the air here for approximately 39 programs
per year during this period.  The remaining broadcast niche during the early
1950s was taken up with coverage of international festivals by the
Philharmonic's producer, James Fassett.  The Bergen was well represented and
I have tapes of some of these broadcasts in my own collection.  A look
through the weekly radio pages of the New York Times for summer seasons in
the Philharmonic's time slot  beginning about 1952- I'm not sure of the
first year- will give you program listings.  

See you at ARSC?  I can fill you in on some other detail there.


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Dear list,

a colleague of mine is researching the archives of Bergen International
Festival and he wonders if anybody has any information about recordings made
by US producers and/or for US radio stations in the early fifties.

Grateful for any information about this.

- tore

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