Yup, I'm all for that. Others are not.

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Hi Carl:

I agree with your main point, but I think MP3 has been reverse engineered by the LAME team, so at least some of it is effectively open-source now.

-- Tom Fine

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> The thing about FLAC versus some other formats is that it is 'open-source.' What's under its hood 
> isn't a secret, unlike the Apple and Windows formats or MP3, so baring some Great Simplification, 
> a future culture that can deal with digital media will (hopefully) have all the info they need to 
> reconstruct the data. That's not an argument for using it, but it does make the decision 
> practical. Someday, Microsoft and Apple will be dust, and who knows what will control their ip?
> Another subtlety to this subject is that all of these file formats are alternate ways of 
> describing the same thing. With lossless formats, it isn’t really correct to think in terms of a 
> generation. A FLAC version of a WAV file is the same information, expressed in a different way.