Not every string will be an entity, otherwise it would be turtle-entities all the way down :)
We need entities whenever there is some thing that should have identity. 

The naming conventions specified in linked data best practices help to remind implementers whether the predicate should have a literal or a resource as its object.  Datatype properties should be nouns, Object properties should be verbs.  Bibframe is currently very inconsistent in its naming, and tidying this up would be a great benefit.

Which is not to disagree that documentation and examples should be available, comprehensive, consistent and clear.


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At which point a consistent model, that is easier to construct, parse and render (e.g. always a resource, sometimes a blank node) is clearly better.

Which brings me back to my vocabulary consistency point - will all strings be entities - or at least pseudo entities using blank nodes?

If not, and some properties will be defined as being string properties; that is fine but it is indicative of the basic documentation and examples needing to be very clear on when you have a string and when you have [at least] a rdfs:label wrapped in a blank node.  Remembering a natural understanding of RDF and its principles will not be an attribute of most of the folks applying whatever we end up specifying.

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