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Attached is the information I promised all of you about the Drawn to Read bookmark program.  Hans Kellogg from Ball State University is very interested in working with some additional states.  I think he has the capacity to add five this year.


Please reach out directly to Hans if you have questions.  If the attachment gets scrubbed off the email, I’ve copied the content below.





Suzanne Walker

Professional Development Office Supervisor

Director, Indiana Center for the Book

Indiana State Library

140 N. Senate Ave

Indianapolis, IN  46204

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New phone:  317-232-3718







I am excited to hear of your up and coming conference regarding the Center for the Book (CFB). If I may, would like to use you as a sounding board to explore the expansion of the Drawn to Reading (DTR) bookmark project. Feel free to discuss it with your colleagues at your conference. I would love to hear any thoughts or questions they may have.


I have included a description below to refresh you with our program.


The Drawn to Reading (DTR) bookmark project has been active since 2002. Elementary art students are introduced to graphic communications as a future career option. They create artwork, which is used in the production of bookmarks to promote art and literacy. Ball State University students process the artwork into digital files to be printed. When completed, the finished bookmarks are delivered to the CFB at the Indiana State Library. This organization distributes the bookmarks to the visitors at the National Book Festival in Washington D.C. Since its inception, DTR has produced and distributed approximately 500,000 bookmarks. 


In 2012, we included the State of Ohio.  I am interested in expanded beyond the neighboring states and am in the process of creating a DTR learning module to assist the elementary art teachers in introducing the project to their students. The initial emphasis would be to create a “test market” to include 5 new states. However, the goal will be to eventually offer DTR project to any interested state in the country.


The elementary art teachers would be the recipients of the DTR learning module and the kids would create the artwork. Each CFB would introduce DTR to elementary art programs in their own state. They would also have the ability to define the theme of the artwork. The CFB would collect the finished artwork and mail it to Ball State University. Our graphic arts students would digitize the artwork and get it ready to be produced.


The printing of the bookmarks might be handled in these various ways.


The graphic arts management program at Ball State University is currently going through a transformation. This includes the renovation of our building, update of our program, and the plans to acquire a digital press. I would like to encourage the companies of digital press whom submit bids to be involved with the National Book Festival through the Drawn to Reading project. They would gain national recognition through their sponsorship while assisting us in the production process. 


As you can see, my thoughts are at an introductory stage. I am open to any comments, questions, or ideas you may have. I am particularly interested in what might be required if a digital press manufacture would be interested in partnering with the National Book Festival.








From: Kellogg, Hans [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2015 11:39 AM
To: Walker, Suzanne
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I have include information on our bookmark project along with ideas on its implementation. Feel free to review it and discuss it at your conference.