Karen said:

>the needs of moving image and recorded sound works or events, but these 
>are restricted to the Instance domain.
I suspect one of our difficulties is the differing terminology among
our present and proposed standards.  For example, the RDA expression
as work in Bibframe, and Bibframe's instance rather than RDA's
manifestation and item.

The characteristics mentioned (such as duration) relate to the whole
manifestation, not just the item in hand.

Since a majority of works have only one expression and one
manifestation, how important is it to assign characteristics to a
particular level? Could that sorting out occur after there is an
additional expression and/or manifestation?

Related to this WEMI fragmentation, is not being allowed to use
$eperformer as main entry qualifier, when the performer is main entry
because he/she/they is/are also adaptor of pieces by differeent

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