On 6/23/15 5:24 PM, Young,Jeff (OR) wrote:
> The problem might be clearer by asking what the subject and object of 
> bf:hasHoldingOrganization statement are in this example.
> The subject is apparently a blank node bf:Organization and the object 
> is something with "organizations/dlc" as an identifier. That's odd. 
> Presumably the item (which IS identified) should be the subject 
> instead of the blank node.
> I agree that the concept of "Authority" shouldn't be dragged into this 
> particular example. Statements involving the bf:hasHoldingOrganization 
> property should be understandable without it.
> Jeff
> On Jun 23, 2015, at 4:25 PM, Denenberg, Ray <[log in to unmask] 
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>> The example is:
>>            bf:heldBy    [
>> a bf:Organization ;
>> rdfs:label                                “DLC”   ;
>> bf:hasHoldingOrganization        
>> <> .  ]  ;

trying this out as triples, because that's where the proof of the 
pudding always is:

X bf:heldBy _:b1 .     //the subject X is held some by thing identified 
by _:b1 .
_:b1 a bf:Organization .     //_:b1 is of type "Organization" .
_:b1 rdfs:label "DLC" .     //the display label for _:b1 is "DLC"
_:b1 bf:hasHoldingOrganization 
<> .     //_:b1, which is 
of type Organization, hasHoldingOrganization 

Putting this again in words:

Some thing (X) is held by some other thing (_:b1). The thing _:b1 is an 
organization as defined by BIBFRAME. The display label for the 
organization is "DLC". The organization "_:b1" has a holding 
organization with an LOC IRI.

This is what Jeff said, I just find it easier to see it when 
triple-ized. If the domain of bf:hasHoldingOrganization is bf:Item, then 
this has declared the bf:Organization "_:b1" to also be an item. In any 
case, it makes no sense that the organization has a holding 
organization. It looks like the correct set of triples would be more like:

X bf:heldBy _:b1 .
_:b1 a bf:Organization .
_:b1 rdfs:label "DLC" .
X bf:hasHoldingOrganization 
<> .

Leaving us, of course, still with the question of organizations vs. 
authorities for organizations.


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