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The Committee of Principals for RDA has issued the following statement
dated 29 May 2015 (also being posted on the JSC website):

RDA is a package of data elements, guidelines, and instructions for
creating library and cultural heritage resource metadata that are
well-formed according to international models for user-focused linked data

RDA has always been a continually evolving standard that aims to reflect
the requirements of the cataloguing, metadata and description community.

As we continue to develop the standard it is essential that we broaden the
range of perspectives applied to the development of the standard to ensure
that it reflects a wide range of different cultural perspectives. The
benefit of doing this was envisioned as RDA was developed. As more
organisations develop rich and compatible data sets about their holdings,
these can be actively shared across the globe to open up and increase the
discoverability of collections for the benefit of the users we serve.

RDA has now reached a critical point in this development and the key to its
continued success is a firm commitment to further internationalisation and
exploration of wider cultural heritage description communities. The
Committee of Principals have agreed on a new governance model to which it
will begin to move over the next 3-4 years that emphasises this need for
wider representation.

In the first instance, stakeholders will see a rebranding of the
infrastructure and changes to wording used to describe supporting
structures. The Committee of Principals will become the RDA Board, the JSC
will become the RDA Steering Committee and rather than constituencies, we
will talk about communities.

The Committee of Principals assures current representatives that the new
model continues to offer them multiple ways to remain influential in the
development of RDA at Board, Steering Committee and working group levels.
It is absolutely critical that current representatives continue to remain
involved; their expertise in the development of RDA is essential for its
continued success. Whilst there will be elements of structural and
supporting infrastructure change ahead, current representatives will be a
part of this development. Their active involvement will be vital in working
with the new Board and Steering Committee to identify how they will be
represented in the future.

The Committee of Principals will share a detailed transition plan with
stakeholders prior to IFLA’s World Library and Information Congress in
2015. The plan will identify how the Committee and Joint Steering Committee
will engage communities and the key steps which will be taken to
incrementally evolve towards the new structure.