If I'm understanding correctly, a single item could have two relationships:

Item heldBy <real organization>
Item hasHoldingOrganization <authority for the same real organization>

But both have URIs, and when you dereference the URI you get back a description of the organization.
So hasHoldingOrganization is unnecessary (as is the entire Authority system, IMO)

It's different to the string vs resource consistency question, as both the organization and the authority record are resources.  The equivalent would be:

  Item heldBy Organization
  Organization label "Official Name of Organization"

Hope that helps!


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There's just no need for this indirection, in Linked Data.”


Is it any different from the indirection we’ve been discussing introducing as a solution to the dilemma in the case where for a given property, we want to be able to supply either a string or URI.   The proposed approach is,


Instead of this:

       bf:property   “string”


Do this:

       bf:property   [rdf:value “string”]




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 > o bf:heldBy and bf:holdingOrganization. Are these reciprocal properties?

 No. Sorry, I can understand the confusion.    bf:heldBy is the organization that holds the item, as such, it is an organization, and so we say it is a bf:Organizaton, and thus a bf:Authority.  But that’s not entirely correct, because the URI isn't an Authority, it is simply the URI representation of an organization code.

Which is a problem with the current Authority model , not the model of heldBy.  The item is held by an organization, not by an authority record.  In the same way that a work is authored by a person, not an authority record.  There's just no need for this indirection, in Linked Data.




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