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In order to further demonstrate possible cataloging applications of a modular approach to BIBFRAME (BF), NLM prepared a supplementary spreadsheet mapping the PCC RDA BIBCO Standard Record Metadata Application Profile (BSR, as of April 14, 2015), BF Lite (as of June 8, 2015) and RDA RDF (as of June 23, 2015) properties, and then used that spreadsheet to manually create examples of original PCC- compliant cataloging.


Knowing that many libraries are following PCC cataloging guidelines, NLM identified all the required elements related to modern print monographs in the BSR and mapped each element to a corresponding BF Lite property and to a corresponding RDA RDF property. In cases where the BF Lite property is broader than the BSR element, NLM mapped the BSR element both to BF Lite and to a more specific property or several more specific properties in other schema.  Where no BF Lite property is available, NLM identified other properties that could be used, mainly from Zepheira’s BF extended vocabularies. 


Using the mappings in the spreadsheet, NLM manually created examples of BF descriptions for two print monographs that would meet the PCC BSR standards, using BF Lite where possible and extensions as needed. There are two mockups for each resource. The first mockup provides extensions in other schema when there is no BF Lite property available.  The second mockup provides supplementary extensions in cases where the BF Lite property maps to more specific properties in other schema. NLM recognizes that there are other mapping possibilities than those we have chosen.


NLM welcomes community feedback about our experimentation. We have set up a public GitHub repository named BIBFRAME-NLM, where we request that you post all comments, issues and questions regarding the BSR to BF Lite mappings and mockups.  Links to the spreadsheet and mockups described above can be found in the ‘read me’ section of the BIBFRAME-NLM repository under ‘June 24, 2015, update’, as well as below.  There is no login required to view the documents or to view comments and issues in the BIBFRAME-NLM repository; however, you will need to create a GitHub username and password to contribute comments, issues, or questions.  When contributing comments, issues, or questions, please apply the prepopulated labels indicating what you are commenting on, e.g., the spreadsheet, the mockups, etc. 


On behalf of the NLM BF Team,

Nancy Fallgren



Nancy J. Fallgren

Metadata Specialist Librarian

Cataloging and Metadata Management Section

Technical Services Division

National Library of Medicine

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GitHub BIBFRAME-NLM repository


Spreadsheet: Comparison Chart of BSR Core to BF Lite


Mockup:  Fifteen Minute Hour


Mockup:  Workshop on Artificial Ecological Systems



Uche Ogbuji
Partner, Zepheira LLC