For the past year or so we have had intensive discussion about changes to the BIBFRAME vocabulary,  much of it based on discussion and suggestions on this listserv.   We had said that we would keep the vocabulary stable for a year, and we will not make any changes until after our pilot project is concluded, however we are now starting to plan how to change the vocabulary, hopefully beginning in a few months.


As part of this process we have developed several focused proposal papers for discussion.  These cover issues such as titles, identifiers, items, authorities, and events.


We are going to distribute these papers, one at a time (we will stagger their distribution somewhat, so that we can have some focused discussion separately on each).


The first proposal is on Titles.   It is not attached,  because we want to distribute it with a separate subject line (in the hopes that we can organize discussion of these several issues with appropriate subject lines) but it will be distributed shortly.