Diane -  Point well-taken.  Though there is no specific definition of variantCharacteristic (yet) we could define it as “a refinement of the title class, when that class is VariantTitle or a subclass, and when there is no specific class for that refinement (so it must be supplied as a literal)”.


(And “class bf:abbreviatedTitle”  should be  “class bf:AbbreviatedTitle”, i.e. upper case A.)


We’ll fix this, next draft.







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You say in this proposal:

“Abbreviated” title. For an abbreviated title, class bf:abbreviatedTitle is indicated, and bf:variantCharacteristic is not needed.


However, I don’t think this statement is true.  There are different types of abbreviated titles.  The ISSN Centre assigns Abbreviated Key Titles, NLM assigns abbreviated titles for its indexed journals. They are always different in form and sometimes in content, but both can exist in current records.  So either you need different classes or a variant characteristic to distinguish these two different things. Other organizations may also assign abbreviated titles.





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Attached, the first of several proposals mentioned in my earlier message.